Chocolate Bunnies and Colored Beans (Or Eggs If You Prefer)

Another holiday is upon us so let’s set aside some time to remember what makes these holidays so great! I think it’s good to remind ourselves what is important, so here is my top 10 list of why Easter is important to me and my family.

What is important?

1. Going to church on Easter morning
2. Watching my kids hunt for Easter Eggs
3. Seeing my kid’s faces light up when they find their Easter baskets
4. Hearing the excitement in their voices when they ask for the 100th time “is it Easter yet?”
5. Taking family pictures in the field of blue bonnets down the street
6. Spending time with 3 generations of family
7. Watching my kids spend time with my parents
8. Watching my parents spend time with my kids
9. Easter lunch (ok maybe this isn’t important but it sure is GOOD)
10. Time off work!

This list could go on and on. What I find very interesting about this list is that everything on it revolves around spending time with loved ones and making memories. So many times we can get carried away and holidays (especially holiday spending) can get out of control. Let’s make it a goal this year to keep things simple and reflect on what is truly important.

What is on your top 10 list?

Happy Easter everyone!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Bunnies and Colored Beans (Or Eggs If You Prefer)

  1. As a young single guy, my primary focus is on myself. That being said, I value the success of my business above all else. And in this tough market, to put in anything less than 100% effort is very dangerous.

  2. I agree that holiday spending can get out of control. But, I do like the holidays because it’s a time to reconnect with family and friends. But, on my top list is simply to relax and work on my blog.

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