How To Hack Your Shaving Bill

How much do you spend on shaving in a year? Are you tired of shelling out $10-$15 for razor blades that last a couple of weeks and need to be replaced? If the answer to my first question is more than $0 and to the second question is YES than continue reading.

I too grew tired of these things and then back in December of 2013 I decided to do something about it and I haven’t spent a single cent on shaving since then(and no I didn’t become a lumberjack with a long beard, though I do plan to grow it out once I retire).

What is the secret to virtually eliminate the expense of shaving?

Let me introduce you to my friend the double edged safety razor! These are the razors that were around in the 50’s and 60’s. You even see Don Draper himself using one every now and then in Mad Men. Here is the one that I have. Edwin Jagger DE 89

What is so great about double edge safety razors?

These things are built to last forever. In fact, I plan to pass mine down to my son one day. The Edwin Jagger that I have is stainless steel and very well made. The weight of the razor is key as you barely have to press down to get one of the closest shaves of your life. However, there are a few other items that need to be purchased before putting one of these bad boys to the test.

Shaving Cream

I purchased this shaving cream in December 2013 and still have over half of a bottle left. The reason it lasts so long is that you only use a small drop of it at a time and then you mix it with a splash of water with your shaving brush. Which brings us to our next item.

Shave Brush

I got a 3 pack of these brushes in December 2013 and am still using the first one. There are pricier ones on the market, but I don’t see the need to spend too much on them. These work well.

The Blades

I chose these blades because they had hundreds of good reviews and the price can’t be beat. Just like the brush, there are more expensive blades, and it is really important you find some that you like, but I can vouch for these. They get the job done and I typically use 1 blade for 3-4 shaves. Needless to say I still have 80+ blades (I shave once a week and sometimes let it go a little longer than that).

Why did people stop using them?

So if double edge safety razors are so great, why did people stop using them? My best guess is that people stopped because it takes a little bit longer, but I argue that this is a good thing. Shaving is a process to be enjoyed. It shouldn’t be rushed. Besides, once you get the hang of the safety razor, the extra time spent is very minimal. Plus, it will literally be the closest shave you have ever had. Not to mention, that it will help eliminate the dreaded razor burn (at least in my experience).

How many beans?

What’s the catch? How much does this set up cost? There definitely is an initial cost to get going. If you follow my recommendations you will spend about $70ish. However, like I said, I ordered my razor, blades, shave cream, and brush set back in December 2013 and I haven’t spent a single penny since that time on shaving products and really I should be able to go at least another 4-5 years at which time I may have to purchase some more shave cream.

So if you’re like me and you’re tired of constantly buying overpriced shaving products then give the double edge safety razor a try. I think you’ll find that you enjoy the shaving process a lot more and you’ll be well on your way to saving even more of your hard earned beans.

What do you shave with? Have you tried a double edged safety razor before? If so, what did you think?

6 thoughts on “How To Hack Your Shaving Bill

  1. I tried the double edge shaving and I could not get the technique down. I tried and tried and finally gave up after a couple of months b/c I was just not getting it. I was definitely disappointed b/c I really wanted it to work 🙁

    1. Hey MSM! I had the same problem at first. Turns out I had one of the pieces on the razor upside down (the piece that goes on before you put the blade in). I wonder if you were doing the same thing? Once I figured that out, it has been smooth sailing!

  2. Happy to read another fellow bean conscious person going the route of “old school” razors. Like you, I got sick of paying insane prices for disposable blades. Why not shave like my grandfather used to? I also went with Astra blades but use the Parker 99r razor. I wrote about my own experience here:

    For fun, I buy variety packs sold on eBay to try out different brands of blades like Feather, Voshkod, Derby, Wilkinson, Shark etc. just to see how they vary. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nice! Its funny, a lot of times in life doing things the “old school” way, is MUCH better. Double edged razors are a great example of that. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be sure to check out your post as well.

  3. Instead of shaving I use a trimmer. I still have mine that I bought for $30 years ago. And plus, I heard that shaving makes your mustache/beard grow harder over time, so that’s the main reason why I use a trimmer instead of shaving.

    1. I’m with you on this. When I’m crunched for time I use an electric trimmer that I also use to cut my hair. It doesn’t cut nearly as close as a double edge, but it serves its purpose for sure. Thanks for the comment.

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